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Expert Use of The ZeroG® Gait & Balance System Delivers Positive Outcomes For Our Residents – And For Representative Steve Scalise too!

Ambushed by a gunman, Steve Scalise nearly died. Fighting through serious infections, he began the challenging process of relearning to walk using the ZeroG® – the same cutting-edge equipment that benefits our Residents at Brookside Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center. TO SEE THE ZeroG® IN ACTION – and how it helped Representative Scalise, click here to […]

The Real Gifts of the Holiday Season At Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc.

Emerging from the holiday season, there is a special kind of sentimental longing that descends upon us as we step into a New Year and return to the not so festive tasks of everyday living. I was privileged to attend this season’s holiday programming at our Nationwide Healthcare Services Centers in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Each […]

Our Health Fair Event at Brookside Was A Complete Success!

With great vendors and fabulous attendance, our beautiful and expansive therapy gym was the perfect setting for this event. Pictured Below: SAAC- Karen Ballof Brookside and Whitney Lingle; Pinnacle’s Aaron Mitchell; Right at Home’s Bill Perschon & Sherry Satchel CNA at Brookside; Lisa, Massage Therapist; Brookside Blood Pressure Screenings depicting Sean Jones of Brookside & […]

Brookside Hosts Open House on June 2, 2016

On June 2nd, Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center hosted an Open House complete with jugglers, aerialists and fresh food made with ingredients from the resident-maintained gardens in their Garden-to-Table Program! The evening was an opportunity for local area hospital and healthcare workers to view and learn about Brookside’s ZeroG anti-gravity machine, as well as the […]

Nationwide Healthcare Services launches “Garden to Table” program at Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

With the help of business owner David Green of Primex Garden Center, Garden to Table will promote recovery, sensory stimulation and endurance training for patients. Abington, Pa. — This spring, Nationwide’s Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center will launch a new horticultural program for residents. The program, which is open to residents of all ability levels, […]

Nursing homes jumping into rehab biz with assist from Obamacare

By Ryan Briggs As the implementation of the Affordable Care Act enters its third year, hospitals are still working out how to deal with regulations designed to curb skyrocketing health care costs. In suburban Philadelphia, the changes are drawing nursing homes and other outpatient facilities into the business of high-tech rehabilitation. The health law offers […]

Benefits of the ZeroG System

The ZeroG Balance and Gait Training System by Aretech, and the benefits it delivers, are now available in Abington, PA, at Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. ZeroG is a robotic, body-weight support system mounted on an overhead track which provides dynamic body-weight support and fall protection, while also monitoring the individual patient’s movements from above. […]

Nationwide Health Care Responding to Transformation of Skilled Nursing Industry in the Era of the Affordable Care Act

As the Affordable Care Act is implemented across the American health care system, it is prompting a major restructuring in the landscape of skilled nursing care. As part of a Medicare pilot program, many hospitals are now partnering with skilled nursing facilities to implement a new reimbursement system based on what are known as “bundled […]

Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center completes $1.9 Million Transformation with State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation Facilities

Abington, Pa. — Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center has completed the first phase of a $1.9 million transformation of its rehabilitation facilities with the installation of the ZeroG Training System by Aretech. This cutting-edge technology is designed to speed recovery by allowing residents to practice walking and balance therapy safely and independently. The ZeroG innovation […]

Brookside opens new state-of-the-art facility to meet growing rehabilitation needs

Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center is proud to debut a new rehabilitation facility that provides state-of-the-art care to enable patients undergoing in-patient therapies – including physical, occupational and speech therapy – to receive treatment closer to their homes than ever before. Brookside specializes in what is known as sub-acute rehabilitation, which is designed to help […]

Beyond the Gymnasium

Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation is the ONLY Skilled Care Center in Pennsylvania to offer ZeroG! Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation has gone well beyond the conventional skilled nursing rehabilitation gymnasium with the newly constructed $1.5 million gym and terrace areas. In addition to this pioneering and purposefully designed space, Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center is the only skilled nursing […]