Resident Centenarians Recognized by Aging and Adult Services Office

Four Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center residents were recognized May 3 by the Office of Aging and Adult Services during the annual Centenarian Luncheon.

The residents included Gertrude Jackson (102 in June), Rosalyn Neidich (100 this year), Maxine Holtzman (102) and Millie Sauber (100). Denise Gibbons, LPN and certified wound nurse, and team member Mike Verdi joined the residents at the event.

“To have been a part of this day was truly something special,” said Robin Ziegler, Activity Director at Brookside. “To have seen all who have lived such long, beautiful lives is amazing. It made me have more of appreciation of what I have, where I am and who I was with in that moment.”

ABC 6 covered the event and captured some of the residents at staff attending the luncheon.