Celebrating our October Resident of the Month

We’re thrilled to announce our Resident of the Month: Selma D.!From Selma’s son, Mike:“Saint Selma” as she’s known in my circles, is a positive, can-do woman. A loving wife, an attentive, nurturing mom to her son, and a best friend to all who know her well, Selma is most frequently laughing, listening, and offering insight and encouragement… all over great food, pies and coffee. She worked tirelessly in her breathtaking flower gardens – the talk of the town – and she gets involved: sewing, crocheting, beautifying and fixing things for home and school projects. Selma is respectful and understanding, and like royalty, ultra-classy, with a resounding reverence for all God’s creatures. If ever you are curious about the nature of a woman who ‘has class’, spend some time with Selma.”