Meet Our Department Leaders

Tynisha Herder-Duncan, RN, BS, LNHA

Tynisha has an extensive nursing background, including working in the ER and ICU, and serving as a director of nursing and NHA. She began her career in long-term care in the dietary department nearly 30 years ago. Tynisha enjoys taking care of others, solving problems, and motivating and mentoring her team.

Donna M. Schwendiman, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing

Donna brings many years of nursing experience to the building. She leads by example as the Director of Nursing. She comes to us with an enthusiastic, hands-on approach. Although she is the leader of nursing, she is always willing to jump in and help her staff, creating the true teamwork needed in the nursing department.

Donna’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“We are with the residents day in and day out. We need to keep an upbeat, cheerful, positive, enthusiastic attitude, as this is their home. This allows us to provide the best customer service, provide the ultimate quality of care and keep the residents’ spirits up.”

Jennifer Thompson, R.N.
Assistant Director Of Nursing

Jennifer’s greatest success in healthcare is just simply being a nurse. She loves teaching, motivating, caring for people, and helping to sustain and maintain a healthy environment. Jennifer chose to work at Brookside because of the family feel she got from her very first visit. Jennifer loves her job because she is able to help others in their time of greatest need.

Jennifer’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“Because Brookside is a small, close-knit, caring environment, leaders are able to be more successful. On the other hand, Brookside is big enough to serve the community and provide individualized care.”

Millie Seltzer
Woodland Unit Nurse

Millie is one of the newer nurses at Brookside.  She has devoted many years in Gerontology Nursing.  Millie chose to work at Brookside because of its home-like environment and its 5-star rating on the quality of care for the residents. She enjoys spending time with her family and likes to de-stress with Zumba and dancing.

Millie’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


The environment at Brookside for everyone that comes through the doors is a caring nature. Doctors, nurses, team, residents, family members and visitors truly care about one another like a family. It takes a village!

Kathleen Belaong, O.T.
Rehab Director

Kathleen’s utmost success comes every time we send a resident home after achieving their highest potential in therapy. Kathleen considers Brookside her home away from home. She loves how much of a difference she can make in a resident’s life by helping them with activities of daily living and mobility.

Kathleen’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“We can give the best quality of life if we empathize with one another, with our residents and their families.”

Robin Ziegler
Activities Director

Robin has been at Brookside for five years. Robin loves planning special events for the residents and their families. Each month, Robin prepares a dynamic activities calendar filled with programs for each and every day. She enjoys seeing the residents happy, especially around the holidays. Robin’s favorite parts of her job are the residents and her awesome activities team. She loves meeting new people and hearing their stories.

Robin’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“If you live at Brookside, I will find new and creative ways to keep you active and stimulated through physical, creative, spiritual, cognitive and social programming.”

Julie Kimble, R.D.

ulie’s greatest achievement has been successfully managing clinical nutrition programs in skilled and long-term care facilities, providing quality care, contributing to best practices and exceeding client expectations. Julie loves building relationships with the elderly and their families at Brookside. Julie came to Brookside to share her passion for innovation, quality and personalized individual attention in meeting the dietary and nutritional needs of our residents.

Julie’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“The best healthcare responds to each person’s individual needs, and responds to the changing world in which we live in, in order to offer individualized, cutting edge services for the best outcomes possible.”

Mathew Leweliss
Occupational Therapist

Matthew’s Take…
What rehab at Brookside means: COURTEOUS
“Service with a smile.”

Jim Bjorn Tion
Rehabilitation Technician

Jim’s Take…
What rehab at Brookside means: WINNING
“We have a winning rehab team in a state-of-the-art gym.”

Sylvia O’Connell
Business Office Manager

Sylvia has been a part of the Brookside team for over ten years and works with residents and families to get financial matters and approvals in place for their stay at Brookside. Sylvia works closely with many of the local government offices securing financial coverage and working with families that require medical assistance grants.

Sylvia’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“It is a great responsibility to provide quality service to our residents and families who come to Brookside, maintaining the respect Brookside has in the community.”

Monique Brown
Human Resources, Staffing, Payroll

Monique has been with Brookside for seven years. She enjoys helping others in every capacity possible. Monique chose to work at Brookside because of the hardworking and caring team. She is proud of the dedicated team at Brookside because she feels they go above and beyond for the residents and co-workers.

Monique’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“The team at Brookside consists of all multi-taskers. They are willing and able to care for the total individual.”

Camilla Burke
Central Supplies

Camilla has been with Brookside for nineteen years and started as a Certified Nursing Assistant, then worked to become director of her current department. She enjoys learning and working with different departments.

Camilla’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“The highest quality of care happens when team members and residents are kind and courteous.”

Marlon Colter
Maintenance Director

Marlon’s greatest achievement working in healthcare is helping the residents and seeing the smiles that we put on their faces – that is priceless. Marlon came to Brookside because of the mission. Brookside takes care of the residents like they are their own family. Marlon says it’s a special team to be a part of.

Marlon’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“Because Brookside is all about taking care of customers, there is nothing better than the feeling of joy you get from helping others.”

Edith Rodriguez
Housekeeping & Laundry Services Supervisor

Edith takes pride and ownership to keep Brookside in the highest state of cleanliness for residents and visitors. Working at Brookside for ten years, Edith’s approach to teamwork contributes to making our facility successful and accomplishing results.

Edith’s take – Why choose Brookside for your care needs?


“This is what makes Brookside clean and we continue to improve.”