Beyond the Gymnasium

Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation is the ONLY Skilled Care Center in Pennsylvania to offer ZeroG!

Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation zeroghas gone well beyond the conventional skilled nursing rehabilitation gymnasium with the newly constructed $1.5 million gym and terrace areas. In addition to this pioneering and purposefully designed space, Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center is the only skilled nursing facility in Pennsylvania to acquire and install the ZeroG Gate and Balance Training System and the Woodway Treadmill by Aretech.

About ZeroG
ZeroG is a body-weight support system mounted on an overhead track, providing dynamic body-weight support and fall protection while also monitoring the individual’s movements from above.

Benefits of ZeroG Robotic Body-Weight Support System

  • Maximizes patient outcomes without the risk of falling
  • Allows for the treatment of a wide range of patient diagnoses
  • Increases therapist productivity by decreasing therapeutic demands
  • Lowers risk of injury to patients and therapists
  • Provides dynamic body-weight support for individuals with mobility impairments
  • Modulates intensity with body-weight support
  • Biofeedback to challenge and cue patients physically and cognitively
  • Monitors and tracks functional progress
  • Provides detailed patient training reports

Early Low and High-Intensity Rehabilitation is Paramount
zerog2People recovering from stroke, orthopedic injury or surgery, spinal cord or brain injury, amputees, or those with balance disorders will experience high-intensity rehabilitation much earlier in their recovery using ZeroG. They will have the safety and confidence to practice functional and real-world balance activities such as walking, getting up from a chair or the floor, squatting, and climbing stairs. By offering such innovative and advanced rehabilitation using ZeroG, Brookside Health and Rehabilitation Center can now offer patients in their skilled nursing facility a post-hospital recovery that is typically only available in acute rehabilitation settings. In a study by Horn and colleagues (2005), they showed that the two most important factors related to recovery of function were early interventions and high intensity. The ZeroG system provides and encourages early, high intensity rehabilitation to best achieve individual outcomes.